Community Server

My Journey to Pretzel: First Stop Jekyll

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My Journey to Pretzel: Preface

Pretzel, .Text, Community Server Comments launched

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nrw07 Slides

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Deflowered twice on one day at nrw07

CommunityServer MVPs CSModules Pack for CS2007 released

CAPTCHA for CommunityServer 2007

coComment for CS 2007 updated

coComment support for CS 2007 Upgraded to CommunityServer 2007

FeedBurner Site Statistics for CommunityServer

Snap Preview

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Updated to CS2.1 SP1 and fixed an issue

Auto-attaching to aspnet_wp.exe

New Features in CS 3.0

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Community Server MVP

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MSDN Blogs and TechNet Blogs updated to CS 2.1

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Updated coComment support for Community Server 2.1

Another release of Akismet spam rule

The Akismet Spam Rule included in Alabaster

Pimp my Community Server

Updated to Community Server 2.1 RC 1

Community Server 2.1 Beta 2

What's next

Upgraded to Community Server 2.1 beta 1

Revised coComment support

Using Hyphens In Post Names

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Save Bandwidth and Compress Your CommunityServer Feeds

Adding new pages to CommunityServer administration

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Finally switched to CommunityServer

Test post

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Testing emoticons...

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