About me

I'm a software architect at Pharmatechnik Gmbh & Co KG, the largest owner-managed solution provider for pharmacies, dentists, and health professionals in Germany.

In my spare time I struggle with different open-source projects. If the weather is acceptable, you'll find me riding my bicycle in the Alps.

Some projects I'm working on

This is a small tool caused. It scans a directory tree for all C# projects and allows the user to create a Visual Studio solution containing only those projects the user is currently interested in. Beyond other features it can add referenced projects automatically up to a configurable depth, and even set the TFS binding in the generated solution.
This is also a tool we use at work extensively. It checks all dependencies in an assembly against a given set of rules, i.e. classes in namespace A must not reference classes in namespace B. If a restrictive rule is violated, our CI build fails.

My blog

My blog is practically abondoned. You can still find it here with its web1.5ish design, fueled by CommunityServer 2007. The main reason I ran this blog was to learn ASP.NET and several other technologies. The content was more or less second rate. For the same reason I started writing a new blog engine more than two years ago with ASP.NET MVC and RavenDB, but due to limited time I haven't got it finished yet, and I don't know if I ever will. Till then, I'll keep my old blog running.

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