While two days ago I told you about Snippet Compiler 1.6, today 1.7 has been released. Gosh, I’m glad we don’t release our software at this speed.

Judge yourself, if following changes justify a new release:

  • Added projects so the user can save/open snippets en masse
  • Added “Build” menu so user can build Console exe/WinForms exe/DLL to a user-specified file
  • Added “Start as WinForm” and “Start All as WinForm”. These will compile the snippets as a WinExe (so the console doesn’t pop up first). 
  • Added “Start Minimized” option.
  • Added “Close All”
  • Added samples showing how to break into the debugger (and info in the help file) 
  • Noticed [Shift+]Ctrl+Tab now works.
  • Noticed the icon on non 32-bit displays looked really bad, so I added more color depths
  • Realized CompilerResults has an Errors property. Smacked head and removed RegExed error parsing.

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