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ResourceLib, PE Format, and WiX


Some time ago I reported a bug and provided a pull request to resourcelib, a managed library to read and write Win32 resources in executables or DLL’s. And u...

Cleaning NuGet’s cache


From the beginning NuGet used a per-solution folder packages to store all packages for the projects in a solution. (Does anyone else remember the numerous di...

Pretzel and Kudu on Azure

I’ve published a couple of posts about that I’m using Pretzel to generate the HTML pages of my blog. However, I didn’t talk about the hosting.

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Naming Events in .NET

Update 2016/12/29: I’ve complained about the On prefix in the comment section of the documentation (and Jonas Gauffin too). In fact the prefix was a mistake ...

From Jekyll To Pretzel


Some time ago I told that I converted my blog from CommunityServer to Jekyll on Github Pages. However, I was not satisfied with that solution. Running a stat...

Saving bandwidth with Zopfli

Today Jeff Atwood published the article Zopfli Optimization: Literally Free Bandwidth, praising the compression algorithm Zopfli. Zopfli was created by Googl...

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7-Zip for Powershell


At work we deal with different big databases, and by big I mean between 3.5 and 8 GB. Those databases are zipped with 7-Zip and stored on a server. Dependin...

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Binding WebBrowser content in WPF


When you’re using a WebBrowser control in your WPF application, you may have noticed that you can’t bind the control’s content. WebBrowser has no property to...

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Sharing Extension for Graffiti

Two weeks ago Telligent published the second beta of their upcoming new product Graffiti. It is a simple lightweight content management system. And by simple...

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nrw07 Slides

, ,

In my nrw07 talk I promised that I would publish my slides. Originally they´re German, so I translated them first (no, it did not take me two weeks to transl...

Kathy Sierra

Generally I limit my posts to programming stuff, but after I read Kathy Sierra’s Death threats against bloggers are NOT “protected speech”? (why I cancelled ...

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Snap Preview


I just want to announce that I added Snap Preview to my blog. But unlike Scott and J-O, I enabled them only for external links. IMHO it is useless for intern...

Vacation Enforcement

Because of a mayor release in our company and the obligatory deadline pressure, I have a backlog of 30.5 free days, i.e. there’s even half a day left from 20...

Another teaser

What’s that stuff every Community Server affiliate is talking about? Only a few hours left until this site is launched.

Server Outage

As my two readers may already have noticed, my site wasn’t accessible for the last 24hrs. The SQL Server hosting my Community Server database had a hard disk...

coComment Logo for my blog

Jayson Knight requested a logo for coComment to put on his blog. Though I think he refered to the comment form, I created two different “blog buttons” (or ho...

My Tool List


At the last meeting of our UserGroup I’ve presented a list of tools I’m using frequently. Because of strong demand I promised to publish it here on my blog:

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Cyber Squatters - Part 2

I wrote two weeks ago that a cyber squatter registered my domain I’ve contacted her, and I want to share the exchanged mails with you:

Using Hyphens In Post Names

There was a discussion regarding naming of posts in a CommunityServer forum (a surprisingly unknown feature of CS::Blogs, though even dotText .96 supported i...

The Return of the Sidebar


The sidebar’s back. Microsoft presented it to us two years ago, but in succeeding CTPs it was gone. Now it’s back and you can add so-called gadgets. To speak...

Let the party start

The journey was a mess. My flight from Düsseldorf on Saturday was scheduled for 7:15am. Unfortunately, it was cancelled, and the next flight was at 2:05pm, s...

Four Days Left

I’m cleaning up my desk at the moment and preparing my laptop as I did the last time before I’ll leave tomorrow.

Back from vacation


Two days ago my girl friend and I returned from our vacation on Fuerteventura. Most of the time we were hanging around at the beach or the hotel’s pool, but ...

Scott says ".Text Still Lives"

Finally, Scott answered to my previous series of posts, via mail as well as on his blog. I’m happy that Scott seems to understand my point. Sometimes I get s...

Where’s .Text going to?

I was told that DonXMl has mailed Scott about my previous post. Well, I think the main point of my posts was: where’s .Text going? To be more specific: Will ...

Making things clearer

Hell, I’ve got lots of feedback about my previous post. Some commented in the blog, others send me private mails. Many questions arised. Therefore, I think I...

Bringing .Text v.96 further

Almost one year ago I upgraded my .Text blog to .96. I blogged about it several times, my last post was about adding the rel=”nofollow” attribute to links in...

Blog citation search engines

Jeff Sandquist (yes, the nice guy who sent me a t-shirt) compares blog citation search engines, i.e. Bloglines Citations, Feedster Links and Technorati. He a...

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If you’re using DateTime.ParseExact with a custom format string including slashes, don’t forget to escape them.


Korby Parnell, Wesner Moise, and Eric Sink talk about Hatteras, a new source code control system part of Visual Studio Team System.

Grammer God

Damn, I’d have never expected that (well, is this statement syntactically correct?)

c:\utils: TortoiseCVS 1.6.8


With this post I’m starting a new category on my blog, c:\utils. Its name is derived from Scott Hanselman’s Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tools List. Ho...

Comment Problem Solved

As I posted, no postbacks on my site were possible. Though I’m running the same application at home and on my site, the onsubmit tag was rendered differently...

No comments possible


Currently it’s not possible to post comments on my blog. I’m still investigating this issue. I have a copy of all files and the database running at home, but...

“Read This First”

Congratulations! You have purchased an extremely fine device that would give you thousands of years of trouble-free service, except that you undoubtably w...



Remember: if you patch your blogging engine, make sure everything works properly before publishing it! And backup everything!

The Third Place

Finally I know what The Third Place means. Several month ago Sony started it advertising compaign for its Playstation 2 here in Germany. Everytime the TV ads...

Feature Request for RSS Bandit

Earlier today I mentioned the new Eyefinder control by Tim Dawson. I said I would like to see it in RSS Bandit. Here’s a screenshot of what I have in mind:

Job Ad of the Day

That’s what I call an adequate job advertisment for programmers:

Updated to .Text .95


Today I managed to update my site to .Text .95 by following this guide. It turned out all right, however, here’s an advice for you: if you’re using a custom ...

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What if Dr. Seuss wrote technical manuals?

If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port, And the bus is interrupted as a very last resort, And the address of the memory makes your floppy disk ab...

"Neues aus L.A."

The “Neues aus L.A.” was a nice event. Though I attended PDC myself, Clemens did a good job summarizing the PDC’s three pillars Avalon, WinFS, and Indigo. I ...

PDC Retrospection

Today’s the PDC retrospection “Neues aus L.A.” organized by newtelligence AG. You don’t know newtelligence? Well, you may know Clemens Vasters, writer of das...

C# 2.0 generics

I’m playing around with C# 2.0 templates a.k.a. generics. I was really missing them in the past, but finally, they’re there.

The Return of the Console


I’ve never stopped using the console since the good old DOS. In fact, each developer at our company is using the console, i.e. 4NT. Our development environme...

Meeting CPians at PDC

As announced, CPians attending the PDC met this afternoon at the Starbucks coffee stand. It was my first time I met any CPian in real life. I was a little bi...

Melting Pot PDC

This morning I meet Tom, a nice guy from North Carolina. We took our breakfast together. Afterwards, while waiting for a taxi in front of the hotel, a Austri...

Arriving in L.A. Yesterday

After 12 hours of flying I arrived yesterday in Los Angeles. Though I heared about the current fires around L.A. in German news, I was surprised by the dark ...

Longhorn pre-Beta 1 For All!

WinNetMag is reporting that Microsoft will make Longhorn pre-Beta 1 available for a small fee and also ship it for free to MSDN subscribers.

Official C# 2.0 Spec Unveiled

Today, the C# team published the most up-to-date specification of the C# language, which includes many improvements over the original proposal unveiled a ...

Moving this site

I know I’m a geek. These pages are hosted on my server at home. It’s a recycled Athlon XP 1800+ running Windows Server 2003 incl IIS 6.0, MS SQL 2000 and MS ...

Users are too busy

Raymond Chen mentions Jason Moore’s Usability on the cheap, Part 1. It’s a great reading, especially for GUI guys like me.

Awesome: Snippet Compiler 1.9

Twice again Snippet Compiler has been updated since my last post, no it’s v1.9. I’m getting the impression, that in several weeks it will be v17.3 and displa...

Another .Text enhancement

I’m using the .Text web administrator for writing my postings. Unfortunately, there’s no link provided to get from the administrator section to the public vi...

Emoticons within .Text

Some days back I’ve started to implement support for emoticons in .Text. It was expected to replace any textual emoticons such as :) into the graphical repre...

Snippet Compiler 1.7

While two days ago I told you about Snippet Compiler 1.6, today 1.7 has been released. Gosh, I’m glad we don’t release our software at this speed.

Images: relative vs. absolute

I’ve updated the img tags in my previous posts. I’ve used relativ links (i.e. \<src img="/images/..." /\>). It looked ok in SharpReader, but, unfortuna...

TechEd 2003 Presentations Online

In case you didn’t get a chance to go to TechEd this year, I just found that most (all?) of the presentations are available online. I don’t mean just the ...

SpamBayes Outlook Addin 0.8 released

Yesterday the Outlook addin by the SpamBayes project has been released in 0.8. I’ve been using 0.7 for several weeks. I’m impressed, no false positives by no...

.Text User Administration

.Text is a great product. However, currently there’s no comfortable way to administrate the users, but you have to edit and execute a SQL script. I don’t kno...

Some more issues with .94

I’ve updated my site to .Text .94, but unfortunately I have had some issues, though I followed Scott’s instructions. Maybe I did something wrong during the s...

It’s working again

After I updated my .Text sources two day ago from the official workspace, I wasn’t able to post anymore, because some essential stored procedures were missin...

.Text and Image quality

I don’t know what others think, but IMHO the quality of the preview images generated by .Text isn’t as good as it could be. Currently it just resizes the ima...

Starting signal

Just started blogging. Well, sort of. In fact, I’m already blogging for two month by now,  but restricted to the intranet in our company Cycos.

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