Adding new pages to CommunityServer administration

Community Server Comments

In an addin I'm writing for CommunityServer I'm using a job. A job in the CommunityServer perspective is a task which is executed periodically. Since I have had some trouble with my job, I needed a way to monitor whether my job is executed properly. Scott Watermasysk has posted a simple ASPX page some time ago to get the status of all jobs configured in CS. Since I'm a lazy guy I integrated this code into the CommunityServer administration interface and additionally added a page for displaying the email queue:

Jobs list Email Queue

You only have to copy the two ASPX files to /admin/system/tools/ and add them to the /admin/Tab.config. Additionally, you have to add the following entries to the end of your resources.xml, right before the closing </root> element.

<resource name="Admin_Jobs_Title">Jobs</resource>

<resource name="Admin_Jobs_SubTitle">Here you will find a list of all configured jobs.</resource>

<resource name="Admin_EmailQueue_Title">Email Queue</resource>

<resource name="Admin_EmailQueue_SubTitle">Here you will find a list of all enqueued emails.</resource>

You can download the ASPX files and the modified Tab.config file here.