Jim Blizzard asks: How are you going to tackle the PDC?

There are so many products and features that we’ve heard about only through rumors, best guesses, and an occasional leak or two. At the PDC these secrets are going to have the spotlight fully shining on them.


So what do you do?  Do you skim across the top, going to as many different topics so that you have a little understanding of each?  That way, after you get back from the PDC and asks you “what’s <insert code name here> all about”? You won’t stare back with a confused look on your face.

Or do you pick one topic and attend every session that even smells like it dive deep and drink in everything there is to know about <insert codename here>.

Well, I don’t know yet, since I’m torn. On the one hand, I am a GUI developer, so want to know about Longhorn, Avalon and Aero as much as possible. But on the other hand, we are in the design stage of a new software product, so from my employer’s point of view the most interesting topic is Indigo.

I think I’ll try to catch a little of everything Blushing





I’ve decided to dive way down deep… just don’t know which topic yet. Right now it’s going to be “Everything Whidbey” (but subject to change my mind at the last minute). :)


Since I’m not going, I am happy not to have to choose ! But I have to admit that it would be a real dilemma… I guess I would check out a small about many different stuff… But mostly about Yukon, ASP.NET V2 and some Longhorn/Avalaon/Aero thing…

Greg Hurlman

I’m doing one ay for the stuff I don’t really need to know for my paying work but want to - Yukon, Avalon, and Weblogging BOF on Monday, with MSBuild as a bonus - and then turning my focus to Indigo and ASP.Net Whidbey… all subject to change, of course.

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