Internet Explorer 7 Installation

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I just upgraded Internet Explorer on my third machine. Jayson has something to say about the installation process:

Today like the rest of the free internet using world, I installed Internet Explorer 7.  Yes it looks good, is more standards compliant, is (supposedly) more secure, blah blah blah.  I have installed IE7 in various incarnations 4 times (on this machine) over the past few months...the installation routine is just simply ridiculous; total elapsed time from the point I started today's installation routine, just over ten minutes.  To install an f'ing web browser.  That's one (1) uninstallation routine that runs to get rid of previous versions, two (2) reboots needed to complete installation...that is 1 uninstallation and 2 reboots too many in my opinion, not to mention that after the first reboot completes your machine is unusable as the installation and configuration routines both run before Explorer is launched.  Hum a tune, twiddle your thumbs, fold laundry, whatever...sit and wait 10 minutes for ~14 megs of software to install on your machine.

Yes, the update process is annoying. And though the IE Team pledges that the setup won't change the default browser setting, on one of machines (which all are set to Firefox) the default was set back to IE. And on all machines the fonts were reset to Times New Roman and Courier New. So after each installation I had to set the fonts back to my favorites, Calibri and Consolas. What a bummer!