Eye Finder

Tim Dawson has released a new control: Eye Finder

Eyefinder is a powerful presentation-layer component that is designed to aid navigation through different types of data. Collapsible buttons represent different navigation modes, and when selected, child controls are exposed to facilitate the navigation mode chosen. Alternatively, the control can be used to simply switch between visible child controls, in much the same way as a tabcontrol does only with a different style of tabs.

Full design-time support is included of course, and working with the control at design time is much the same as working with it at runtime. As the navigation panes are selected, the client area of the control is updated to show their contents. This client area is a standard container control and can be used to host any type of child controls.


  • Microsoft Office 2003 style rendering for a cutting-edge look and feel
  • Pluggable renderer support means complete customisation is easy
  • Buttons can be collapsed in to a tray increasing real estate in the client area
  • Chevron menu provides access to hidden buttons and customisation features
  • Header and button fonts can be fully customised
  • Support for all common image sizes on buttons and in the tray
  • Full and rich designer support means in-place editing with no collection editor

I’m looking forward to see it in RSS Bandit (Torsten Rendelmann is quite fast in adopting Tim’s controls ;-)). How about one pane per category? I’d love to see that.

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