PowerShell Gallery Logo A few days ago the Preview suffix was removed from PowerShell Gallery. This gallery is a central repository for PowerShell content such as modules and scripts. You can read the public announcement in the Windows PowerShell Blog. You can find instruction how to take advantage of the gallery on its homepage, and more details on the Get Started page.

Until now I published 7Zip4PowerShell, my PowerShell commands to compress and expand files with 7-Zip, as a plain assembly. However, several users asked for a “real” PowerShell module. I took the public release of the PowerShell gallery as an opportunity to accommondate that demand. The 7Zip4PowerShell module is now available in the gallery, and installing it is as simple as invoking

Install-Module -Name 7Zip4Powershell

I’m very happy that the folks at Microsoft created that gallery, because it makes the discovery of interesting modules so much easier.


Chris Burns

We do the same with large databases, but not just over the local network. We actually transfer them to customers over the internet.
Due to this I change the dictionary size regularly. How can this be done using 7Zip4Powershell. If it can not, it would be a great addition.


Thomas Freudenberg

You can specify custom parameters this way:
$initScript = {
param ($compressor)
$compressor.CustomParameters.Add(“d”, “900000b”)
Compress-7Zip -Path . -ArchiveFileName demo.7z -CustomInitialization $initScript

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