I haven’t blogged since a few days. That’s because stayed another two days after the PDC in Los Angeles, but I didn’t have any web access. By the way, these two days in L.A. were a mess, since the public transportation is on strike since three weeks. Thus I haven’t seen that much of the City of Angels Sad

Anyway, in the meantime it’s Tuesday, and I have installed Longhorn on two boxes, one at work and one at home. Unfortunately, Longhorn doesn’t include the proper network drivers. Though I could use the Windows XP drivers for my machine at  work (which board is a ASUS P4C800 Deluxe with an Intel 875P chipset), I wasn’t able to get my home machine online (ASUS A7N8X with nVidia nForce2), not even with the Windows XP drivers… does anyone else have such a set-up? I’d like to use my home PC as my primary “Longhorn experience center.”

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