Emoticons within .Text

.Text Comments

Some days back I've started to implement support for emoticons in .Text. It was expected to replace any textual emoticons such as ūüėÉ into the¬†graphical representation such as Smiley.

However, today I notived that ScottW is already adding this into .Text. At least I found it when synchronizing my home installation with the published sources. Unfortunately, the file containing the replacement table is missing up to now. But since Scott uses the same algorithm as ASP.NET Forums do, I took their file (emoticons.txt, that is).

Anyway, the graphics Scott envisioned to use are not my favourites. Therefore, I'm using the same as CodeProject does. Finally, here's my substitution table:

Input Renders as
[:)] Smiley
[:-D] Big Smile
[=:O] Scared
[P] Tongue out
[;)] Smiley
[:(] Sad
[:~] Perplexed
[:|] Expressionless
[:'(] Crying
[:}] Blushing
[8)] Cool
[>:<] Mad
[0:)] Rolleyes
[X(] Dead
[doh] Doh
[eek] Eek
[omg] OMG
[sigh] sigh
[zzz] Zzz
[wtf] WTF
[unsure] Unsure

Update: Of course I asked Chris (heart and soul of CodeProject) for permission to use the depicted graphics. Therefore as promised: Credits for the emoticons go to Chris and CodeProject.