As my two readers may already have noticed, my site wasn’t accessible for the last 24hrs. The SQL Server hosting my Community Server database had a hard disk failure, and it took them some time to find the backup tapes [:S]

Apparently they found the backup, and my site is alive again. I used the time to change the skin of my blog to Paperclip with a custom header image as described by Keyvan.


Dave Burke

Yes, nice photo, Thomas. Hey, who’s the provider? It’s always good to know a provider is able to restore from a tape backup…


Dave, it’s the same provider as yours: WH4L. In fact, they don’n use tapes but store the backups on a secondary disk and a remote storage machine. BTW, for compensation they offered me a real-time mirroring of my SQL db for the rest of my life-time [:)]

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