Inline Search for Internet Explorer

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From Omar Shahine's blog post entitled InlineSearch for Internet Explorer we learn

*This is simply a musthave add-in for IE. For those of us that used the FireFox Find feature and werelike "OMG", you can now have the same thing in IE. *

You can see in the screen shot below how this works:

[Source: PaulThurrott's Internet Nexus]

As an Emacs user, I've grown usedto having inline search as a feature and often get frustrated when the applicationI'm using doesn't support its. It's great to see this feature added to Internet Explorer.I just downloaded it and it works great with the most recent beta of InternetExplorer 7. Give it a shot.

By the way, Jeremy Epling and JoshuaAllen who both work on the IE team also told me to check out if I'm interested in tricking out my Internet Explorer install. I've added the site tomy bookmark list and will check it out later today to see if there any other interesting IE extensions I've been missing out on.

[via Dare Obasanjo]

I fully agree. For the same reason I switched from Notepad2 to Notepad++. However, I changed the shortcut for Incremental Search from Ctrl-Alt-I to Ctrl-I which I'm accustomed to by Visual Studio.