Another release of Akismet spam rule

My Akismet spam rule has a second home. Originally I contributed it to CSMVP's CSModules package aka Alabaster. A couple of days ago José Lema informed me that Telligent wants to release a free dedicated spam rule package, and they would like to include my rule as well. First I hesitated relinquishing my baby, but hey, the more users get easier access to that rule, the less spam they'll get. So finally I agreed José to include my rule in their package.

Yesterday José announced the availability of that spam rule package, and indeed my spam rule is not included in it, but available on its own. That means I still have full control over it and more people will use it. So if you don't want to use Alabaster (though you might miss other great CSModules) you can get the Akismet spam rule as a stand-alone component.

Happy spam-fighting.