Virtual PC 2007 released

myvirtualmachines Environment variable

Earlier today Microsoft released Virtual PC 2007. Generally this wouldn't be worthwhile to be mentioned on my blog. However, I'll write this nevertheless because whenever I install Virtual PC, I want to customize the path where the files for the virtual machines are stored, and each time I have look up the information how to accomplish that.

By default, Virtual PC's setup creates a My Virtual Machines folder in My Documents. Though the primary HDD of my machine is a 10.000 RMP beast, I have two additional 10.000s combined to a RAID0, and that's a perfect host for my virtual machines.

Luckily, you are able to customize where Virtual PC stores that files. You only have to specify your desired path in an environment variable named myvirtualmachines.

Though it's even documented in a knowledge base article, I know my blog better than the knowledge base so I post it here [;)]