Making things clearer

.Text Comments

Hell, I've got lots of feedback about my previous post. Some commented in the blog, others send me private mails. Many questions arised. Therefore, I think I have to make my point clearer.

First of all, I don't want to publish my own release of .Text. I'm not the owner of .Text. That's Scott. He did an awesome job, and I don't want to take credits of it. I love coding, and I love to learn. And I've learnt alot from the excellent architecture of .Text.

The intention of my post was more that there are many developers who did really cool changes to .Text. Let's call them mods (the changes, not the developers). Many of them have changed major parts of the code base, so they are not compatible anymore. It's not easy anymore for one to adopt changes made by another one.

On the other hand, many bloggers are using the binary release of .Text. They are no developers, they don't want to make any changes to sources, they just want to use the binaries.

My original idea was to bring all of them together. Making it more easy to exchange mods for the developers, and giving non-developers the chance to benefit from the mods. (Someone already mailed me that he gets paid for customizing .Text, so he's not very responsive about the latter 😉 )

That's what I tried to express.