Where's .Text going to?

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I was told that DonXMl has mailed Scott about my previous post. Well, I think the main point of my posts was: where's .Text going? To be more specific: Will .Text aka CSBlogs released only together with CSForums and CS::Gallery, or will there be a stand-alone version? Is Telligent going to publish the sources? Hopefully Scott (or Rob Howard) can comment on this.

BTW, others have the same questions:

Dan Bartel wrote in ".Text v.96 and beyond?":

The official update to .95 has been over a year in the making, and the community is getting anxious.  There is some growing interest in the community for a revival of this project as open source, especially with the virtual collapse of Movable Type due to ridiculous licensing, and the unknown status of the new holder of .Text (telligent systems) with their plans to charge for the source...  I am trying to have faith that a corporation can do more for the blogging engine, and the fee wasn't too high, but I have a wait and see attitude there...  and I have been waiting a long time =)

and Dennis van der Stelt said in ".Text .96 and bringing it further":

If I can find the time tonight, I'll try and get the 0.96 code working at home. I also want to take a look at CS Beta 3, to see what features it has. But I have the same problem as Thomas has, I'm not looking for a full blown product which also includes a forum and a gallery. I just want my blog. And if Telligent Systems decides to release the code, it'll probably much harder to add features to it, as there's so much code. As said, I'll have a look at both.