Bringing .Text v.96 further

.Text Comments

Almost one year ago I upgraded my .Text blog to .96. I blogged about it several times, my last post was about adding the rel="nofollow" attribute to links in comments.

Since then I've got several requests how to get the .96 sources and upgrade. One of them was Dave Burke. Yesterday he published the entire upgrade process. (Thanks, Dave, now I can forward all request to you 😉 ) BTW, he has done awesome improvements to .Text.

Today, I've got another request by Dennis van der Stelt. First, we talked about how I could provide him with my code base. But then I've got another idea. But first some points which lead me to it.

Therefore, I thought about bringing the knowledge and dev power together. We could build and publish a new .Text release, .97 or whatever. I hope Scott or some others don't feel offended, because that's not my intention. As I said, I haven't tried CS yet, so I don't know neither how much of .Text is left in CS, what features are already implemented, and how difficult it is to incorporate mentioned "tweaks" into it.

So what do you think about it?

But maybe I'm completely on the wrong track, and Community Server it better than I fear 😉