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Dave Burke entered the coComment zone and said:

The thing is, there's no way to know if a blog (particularly a CS blog) supports CoComment. We CS guys may want to add a "CoComment Enabled" message or something to our blog comment form until the CoComment capture process is finalized.

Well, apparently they are working on it:

For advanced bloggers who would like to more fully integrate coComment features in their own blog, coComment will offer:

  • The ability to add elements of the coComment service to blogs based on non-standard blogging platforms in order to ease the usage of coComment for commenters (automated capture).

and just a couple of minutes ago Jayson Knight confirmed it in a comment to Dave's post:

Wahoo! Dual shoutouts...thanks! I've actually been in pretty close communication (both on and offline) with the CoComment devs about this service, namely this thread: and this one: Merlin (the guy who seems to be in charge) has stated that he has his designers working on a solution where coco enabled blogs will display some sort of icon in the comment form box to let folks know it accepts coComments. I then asked "hey, why not ditch the bookmarklet all together and automate it"...they're one step ahead of me and said they'd have some new code for us early this week (their blog is already automated; if you have a coco account and leave a comment it's automatically tracked...look ma, no bookmarklet!). I highly recommend keeping up w/ their blog, so far they've been extremely receptive to ideas concerning coco. These guys are gonna be rock stars!

BTW, when I hear the term coComment, somehow I must think of coconut. This leads me to a better name for their service: coCoNet.