RSS Bandit with Outlook 2003 look

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RSS Bandit is getting better and better. I'm really thinking about switching from SharpReader, but it doesn't feel right at the moment. Wink

Anyway, contrary to SharpReader, you can get the bandit's source code. Because I really like the UI of Outlook 2003 (and FeedDemon), I patched RSS Bandit:

RSS Bandit w/ Oulook 2003 look

It took about 15 minutes. Mainly I docked the feed item list and the splitter to the left. Additionally, I've created a custom feed item formatter, which bases on Julien Cheyssial's MyBlogroll template. You can download my XSLT file here.

Update: I've changed the XSLT to show the author, if available.

Update: Meanwhile the Outlook formatter is part of RSS Bandit so don't ask me anymore for the XSLT file. I removed the link.