I know I’m a geek. These pages are hosted on my server at home. It’s a recycled Athlon XP 1800+ running Windows Server 2003 incl IIS 6.0, MS SQL 2000 and MS Exchange 2003. It’s connected via T-DSL (768/128 KBit/s).

Though this is a geekish set-up, I’m thinking about changed that for several reasons:

  1. Economics Because this machine is hosting my pages and running the mail server, it is running 24/7. How much am I at home at my machine? Well, about 3 hours in average. Plus it’s a machine I cannot use for anything else.
  2. Noise The server is the loudest of all my machines. Of course I could tweak it by exchanging the fans etc, but I’m too lazy… Blushing
  3. My girl friend needs a PC She moved in two month ago, and she only has my old Celeron w/400 MHz I gave her some time ago. SHe needs her own machine, but since she just started in her job, she doesn’t have the money.
  4. Bandwidth While 768KBit/s downstream is fully sufficient for browsing and downloading some MSDN packages every now and then, 128KBit/s upstream is quite restrictive for serving pages.

Therefore, I decided to move my site to a dedicated hosting service. I’ve already chosen WebHost4Life cause of the many credits I’ve read about them. However, what is left is a decent domain name… Expressionless

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