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*Sigh* You may have already read that today (06/29/2004) Visual Studio Beta 1 should be available to MSDN subscribers. I’m checking the Subscriber Downloads pages now for several hours every now and then, but until now (17:47, or 5:47 PM for my American readers) it’s still not listed there. I suppose it’s not replicated yet to Akamai’s servers in Europe (or at least in Germany).

In the meanwhile, I recommend you to have a look at Daniel Fisher’s Internet File Select and Upload Dialog. (Announcement) It’s an ASP.NET component for uploading files to your server with a rich GUI.

Update: Daniel has added an online demo.

Update 2: Sam Gentile wrote: Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 will be available in a few days to MSDN Subscribers. *sigh*


Andy Boyd (MS)

The discs will be published very soon - keep an eye on the notification feed because I’ll be putting out a special update of it as soon as the bits are live. We actually acquired the bits within an hour of their release, but it takes a bit of time for that much data to be fully replicated and ready for worldwide download.

Andy Boyd

Program Manager

MSDN Subscriber Downloads

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