Broken Start Menu

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Broken Start Menu

Every now and then my start menu is broken. I.e. the left area normally showing last used applications is black, and sub menus for items such as "All Programs", "Administrative Tools" do not open.

Google led me to this forum thread, where they blame the Logitech Webcam Software, so I've uninstalled this. I hope this will help...

Deprecated, reprecated, and prepcreatedcated

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Sounds good to me.  Let's see:

Features that are in the standard, and have never been deprecated, are precated.

Features that have been deprecated, but aren't any more, are reprecated.

Features that aren't in the standard, but are (more or less) guaranteed to be in a future standard (the library TR, for example), are preprecated.

I like this group.  Not only can we invent new features for C++, we can invent them for English as well:-).

I'd suggest adding a couple more:

Features that nobody wants in the standard are antiprecated. Example: the comefrom statement.

Features that are of limited usefulness (in spite of a very long implementation time) but did make it in the standard shall be called placated. Example: <censored>.

The upcoming proposal to add multithreading to the standard is prepcreatedcated (the result of two threads writing "precated" concurrently).


[Andrei Alexandrescu in comp.lang.c++.moderated]


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If you're using DateTime.ParseExact with a custom format string including slashes, don't forget to escape them.

After I've catched FormatExceptions several times, I've found this explanation:

'/' is the default date separator defined in DateTimeFormatInfo.DateSeparator.  Therefore you have to escape '/' with '\' if you want to use it:

System.DateTime.ParseExact("2004/05/31 16:19:43", @"yyyy\/MM\/dd HH:mm:ss", null);