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I don't know what others think, but IMHO the quality of the preview images generated by .Text isn't as good as it could be. Currently it just resizes the images with the simplest algorithm existing in the .NET framework.

Therefore, I've patched the sources, so it will use bicubic interpolation. Here's a comparison:

Previous resizing Bicubic resizing
Standard resizing Bicubic resizing

Maybe Scott wants to commit my changes to his sources, so here's what I did: The image conversion happens in the method MakeAlbumImages in Dottext.Framework.Images. I've added another method which does the resizing, and added the calls to it in the original method. Following the affected code snippet, I've marked my changes bold:

public static void MakeAlbumImages(ref Dottext.Components.Image _image)
    System.Drawing.Image original = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(_image.OriginalFilePath);

    Size _newSize = ResizeImage(original.Width,original.Height,640,480);
    _image.Height = _newSize.Height;
    _image.Width = _newSize.Width;
    System.Drawing.Image displayImage = ResizeImage(original,_newSize);
    System.Drawing.Image tbimage = ResizeImage(original, ResizeImage(original.Width,original.Height,120,120));

    displayImage.Save(_image.ResizedFilePath, GetFormat(_image.File));

private static System.Drawing.Image ResizeImage(System.Drawing.Image original, Size newSize)
    System.Drawing.Image result = newBitmap(newSize.Width, newSize.Height);
    using(Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(result))
        g.InterpolationMode = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.InterpolationMode.HighQualityBicubic;
        g.DrawImage(original, 0, 0, newSize.Width, newSize.Height);
    return result;

Starting signal

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Just started blogging. Well, sort of. In fact, I'm already blogging for two month by now,  but restricted to the intranet in our company Cycos.

My first contact with weblogs was back in March this year. I've stumbled over the blog of Don Box. That was my starting point for my journey across the fascinating world of blogs. I don't now which aggregator I used first, but for several month I'm using SharpReader. This app has this nice feature called threading. It encourages you to follow the URLs linked in a RSS post.

The idea to start my own blog conceived some time ago. Not that I've much to tell you 😉 It's more the technical point of view. In May I've installed BlogX at work and studied the sources. But one feature I'm missing is the support for multiple user (bloggers, is that), because I plan to establish a blog culture in our development department. But that's another story.

Anyway, I've been waiting for several weeks for the sources of .Text, which drives Weblogs@ASP.NET. Finally, Scott Watermasysk released it three weeks ago.

Now I have a fresh installation of .Text at home. Since I'm connected via T-DSL, I get a dynamic IP only. Therefore, I've created an account at dyndns.org. Don't wonder, if this page is not available every now and then ;-).

I think it's enough for my very first posting. Oh, one last point: I'm German, so please excuse my English...