Images: relative vs. absolute

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I've updated the img tags in my previous posts. I've used relativ links (i.e. ``<src img="/images/..." />). It looked ok in [SharpReader](, but, unfortunatley, not in [RSS Bandit]( The latter wasn't able to locate the images. It tried to load the images relative toabout:blank`. Of course that cannot work 😉

IIRC this issue has been discussed before somewhere, but I cannot remember the place. I will have a look tomorrow at work, since I'm using SharpReader there for about 4 month. I hope I'm able to find this issue in its history.

Anyway, I've updated the image links to absolute.

.Text User Administration

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.Text is a great product. However, currently there's no comfortable way to administrate the users, but you have to edit and execute a SQL script. I don't know how Scott can manage all these 259 blogs at weblogs @

Since I am going to set-up an internal .Text installation in my company with about 20 bloggers (hopefully), I was thinking about an easier way. I don't want to see 20 work-mates standing in front of me to set-up their blog...

Therefore, I've started to implement an on-line user administration. Here's what it currently looks like:

.Text User Administration

It just creates and updates users in the database. Some more things have to be done: For non-virtual set-ups it has to create the appropriate folder and the dummy default.txt file in it, but that's not implemented yet. Additionally, in the user database (i.e. blog\_Config) a flag has to be added for each user, whether he is allowed to administrate the users.

I would like to know, if anyone else (esp. Scott) is interested in that? Any comments are welcome.