Issues and solutions with Process and Request Identity in ASP.NET

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Just found a great KB article that explains how deal with all kinds of permission and identity issues when doing stuff from ASP.NET. I've highlighted the sections so you can see all the tasks that could use configurations:

INFO: Process and Request Identity in ASP.NET

Thanks for the reference, Roy Osherove.

Images: relative vs. absolute

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I've updated the img tags in my previous posts. I've used relativ links (i.e. ``<src img="/images/..." />). It looked ok in [SharpReader](, but, unfortunatley, not in [RSS Bandit]( The latter wasn't able to locate the images. It tried to load the images relative toabout:blank`. Of course that cannot work 😉

IIRC this issue has been discussed before somewhere, but I cannot remember the place. I will have a look tomorrow at work, since I'm using SharpReader there for about 4 month. I hope I'm able to find this issue in its history.

Anyway, I've updated the image links to absolute.