Blogger free for everyone

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What's up at bloggers:

Free Features for Everyone  Good news, folks! The feature wagon just arrived and dropped off a host of bloggity goodness at rock-bottom prices. And we're passing the savings on to you! That is, we're rolling in a bunch of features that will give you more powerful and flexible publishing power (for free). Want to know what's included?

Seems as the buyout by Google pays off. Most of the features, which required a Pro account ($35 p.a.) till now, are free for everyone.

Issues and solutions with Process and Request Identity in ASP.NET

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Just found a great KB article that explains how deal with all kinds of permission and identity issues when doing stuff from ASP.NET. I've highlighted the sections so you can see all the tasks that could use configurations:

INFO: Process and Request Identity in ASP.NET

Thanks for the reference, Roy Osherove.