Shut down Windows 2003 without being hassled

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Jeff Key describes, how to disable this annoying dialog when shutting down a Windows 2003 server:

If you're like me, every time you shut down or reboot Win2003 and are faced with the dialog asking why you're shutting down, you think “bloody hell, when I log back in I'm going to remove that dialog for good!”. While it's rebooting/shutting down, you grab a beverage, chat with your coworkers and possibly even play Halo if you're one of the eight people still employed by an “internet startup company”. By the time the OS is done shutting down/rebooting, the offending dialog box is a long-lost memory. ..Until you need to shut down again and the nightmare returns.

This is my reminder to you. Do it now. You deserve it!

The tip below is from one of my favorite email newsletters, Windows Tips & Tricks UPDATE:

  1. How can I use Group Policy to disable the Windows Server 2003 Shutdown Event Tracker?

  2. Like Windows 2000, Windows 2003 has an event tracker that prompts you to enter a reason for shutting down a server. To disable this feature, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Group Policy Editor (GPE) snap-in or use Windows 2003 Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) to load the Group Policy Object (GPO) that you want to modify (e.g., the Default Domain Controllers policy).
  2. Navigate to Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, System.
  3. Double-click Display Shutdown Event Tracker.
  4. Select Disabled, then click OK.
  5. Use the Gpupdate command to force the policy to refresh.

Update: I've made a screenshot where to find the setting:

Shut down Windows 2003 without being hassled

Comment Problem Solved

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As I posted, no postbacks on my site were possible. Though I'm running the same application at home and on my site, the onsubmit tag was rendered differently. At home I get

<form name="Form1" method="post" action="CommentsBroken.aspx" 
    language="javascript" onsubmit="ValidatorOnSubmit();" id="Form1">

while my public blog is rendered

<form name="Form1" method="post" action="CommentsBroken.aspx" 
    onsubmit="if (DefaultButton_RequireOwnPostback(this) ) { return false; }; if (!ValidatorOnSubmit()) return false;" 

Notice that the result of ValidatorOnSubmit is analysed.

Well, I've found some hints in the ASP.NET forum. This issue seems to be caused by an ASP.NET hotfix as described on KB 818803.

Ok, how did I solve this issue? I've just edited my WebUIValidation.js, more precisely, I added the line return true; to ValidatorCommonOnSubmit:

function ValidatorCommonOnSubmit() {
    event.returnValue = !Page_BlockSubmit;
    Page_BlockSubmit = false;
    return true;

Now comments are possible again and I'm happy.

No comments possible

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Currently it's not possible to post comments on my blog. I'm still investigating this issue. I have a copy of all files and the database running at home, but I cannot reproduce this error. Somehow the files are rendered differently on my WebHost4Life hosted blog, i.e. the form's onsubmit is rendered as "if (!ValidatorOnSubmit()) return false;" while everywhere else it is just "ValidatorOnSubmit();". Any help is welcome.

(Also posted on the .Text forum)