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As I posted, no postbacks on my site were possible. Though I'm running the same application at home and on my site, the onsubmit tag was rendered differently. At home I get

<form name="Form1" method="post" action="CommentsBroken.aspx" 
    language="javascript" onsubmit="ValidatorOnSubmit();" id="Form1">

while my public blog is rendered

<form name="Form1" method="post" action="CommentsBroken.aspx" 
    onsubmit="if (DefaultButton_RequireOwnPostback(this) ) { return false; }; if (!ValidatorOnSubmit()) return false;" 

Notice that the result of ValidatorOnSubmit is analysed.

Well, I've found some hints in the ASP.NET forum. This issue seems to be caused by an ASP.NET hotfix as described on KB 818803.

Ok, how did I solve this issue? I've just edited my WebUIValidation.js, more precisely, I added the line return true; to ValidatorCommonOnSubmit:

function ValidatorCommonOnSubmit() {
    event.returnValue = !Page_BlockSubmit;
    Page_BlockSubmit = false;
    return true;

Now comments are possible again and I'm happy.

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Currently it's not possible to post comments on my blog. I'm still investigating this issue. I have a copy of all files and the database running at home, but I cannot reproduce this error. Somehow the files are rendered differently on my WebHost4Life hosted blog, i.e. the form's onsubmit is rendered as "if (!ValidatorOnSubmit()) return false;" while everywhere else it is just "ValidatorOnSubmit();". Any help is welcome.

(Also posted on the .Text forum)

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Comments aren't working using IE, are they?

This post isn't aggregated and just for testing purpose, so submit whatever comments you want. It will be deleted anyway, once this issue is resolved.