Vacation Enforcement

Vacation Comments

Because of a mayor release in our company and the obligatory deadline pressure, I have a backlog of 30.5 free days, i.e. there's even half a day left from 2005. Because our boss decreed that we can transfer only a maximum of 10 free days to the next year, this means that I have to take more than 4 weeks off until the end of this year.

Therefore I'm taking a three week vacation starting today. Because I desperately need some relaxation, I'll fly to Mexico on Sunday. Yes, only two days until take-off. [:)]

Because the trip takes only two weeks, maybe in my third vacation week I have some time to post all the stuff that's already waiting in my queue for month. But I'm afraid that I'll need several days to read all new posts  from the blogs I'm subscribed to (FeedDemon already reports me today that there are thousands(!) of unread posts waiting for me.)

Anyway, I'm taking my EOS 350D (labeled Rebel XT in the US) to Mexico, and I borrowed a 70-300mm telephoto lens from a colleague. I hope I can take some nice pictures and post them here. See you in two weeks [:)]

Updated to CS2.1 SP1 and fixed an issue

I just upgraded my site to Community Server 2.1 SP1. I wouldn't post this if I did not encounter an issue, though you may experience this error only if you use my coComment support for CS. In fact, it occurs only if you use BlogThreadQuery and set ReturnFullThread to false. In this case, the stored procedure cs_weblog_PostSet does not return ApplicationPostType for found posts, but the code tries to retrieve it from the IDataReader.

I attached a corrected version of that SP to this post. In fact, I only added P.ApplicationPostType, in line 128.

Auto-attaching to aspnet_wp.exe

Dennis van der Stelt asked me how to debug CSModules without using the Community Server SDK. Ok, so here's how I debug my modules.

First I set the output directory of my projects to CS' bin folder. To debug the module, I attach the debugger manually to ASP.NET worker process, aspnet_wp.exe. However, that's not very ergonomic, because you have to go to DebugAttach To Process, select aspnet_wp.exe (fortunately, processes are sorted by their name) and click OK.

However, after a while that gets really annoying.

Therefore I searched for a simpler solution, e.g. an add-in. I stumbled over this nice and short macro, published by Roy Osherove (who else? [;)]):

This was on the win-tech-off-topic mailing list:

A macro to automatically attach to aspnet_wp.exe, written by Kevin Dente can save lots of clicking around time:

Sub AttachAspNet()
    Dim process As EnvDTE.Process
    If Not (DTE.Debugger.DebuggedProcesses Is Nothing) Then
        For Each process In DTE.Debugger.DebuggedProcesses
            If (process.Name.IndexOf("aspnet\_wp.exe") \<\> -1) Then
                Exit Sub
            End If
    End If
    For Each process In DTE.Debugger.LocalProcesses
        If (process.Name.IndexOf("aspnet\_wp.exe") \<\> -1) Then
            Exit Sub
        End If
End Sub

Unfortunately, it's not perfect. Process.Attach doesn't let you specify the program type (CLR, Script, native, etc). I think that it uses whatever your last selection was in the UI. But don't quote me on that, it's been a while.

I added the macro to a toolbar, so debugging my modules is only one click far. [:)]