Server Outage

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As my two readers may already have noticed, my site wasn't accessible for the last 24hrs. The SQL Server hosting my Community Server database had a hard disk failure, and it took them some time to find the backup tapes [:S]

Apparently they found the backup, and my site is alive again. I used the time to change the skin of my blog to Paperclip with a custom header image as described by Keyvan.

Community Server 2.1 Beta 2

I just upgraded my site with Community Server 2.1 Beta 2, which was published yesterday.

The upgrade went pretty good. I only had to re-compile my custom Akismet spam rule and Ken Robertson's Qgyen.ExtendedUrlMapping module (which source code he fortunately published as well.)

Though I'll stay with the default skin until its final release, I'd like to mention that there are four new blog skins included in Beta 2. Awesome work, Jaxon.

What's next

As mentioned in my last post, I'm working on several extensions for Community Server 2.1. I used to use the Intensive.CodeHighlighter library by Gary McPherson, but I could not find any updated version. Therefore I "re-engineered" a .NET 2.0 version and improved its configuration handling. No custom configSection is required anymore.

Secondly, I was working on a solution for enabling coComment in CS2.x. Scott Elkin asked my two days ago for some hints because the coComment support in CS 2.x was broken if you give our posts names. However, after I found out about the BlogThreadQuery, I saw that Keyvan Nayyeri already published the same instructions I was preparing.

Anyway, what's already running on this site is my custom spam rule using Akismet. You can see the module's settings to the right. I'd really like to see it in action, but up to now there was no spam knocking on my door. But I'm convinced that it will take only a couple of hours until the first spam will be rejected. As soon as I'm sure of its effectiveness I'll publish it.

Upgraded to Community Server 2.1 beta 1

Finally I managed to update my site. I already missed the last major step from 1.1 to 2.1. However, during the last few weeks the number of spams increased daily. Because CS 2.0 introduced a spam checker, I decided to bite the bullet. Of course I took the harder route: Not only updating from CS 1.1 to CS 2.1 beta 1, but from .NET 1.1 to 2.0 as well. Surprisingly it went smoother than expected:

  1. Shutting down my site. ASP.NET 2.0 introduced a new feature: if you put a file named App_Offline.htm in the root of a web application, ASP.NET will shutdown that application and just send back the content of this file to every request for dynamic pages. (More details by ScottGu)
  2. Upgrading the database: first I applied CS_1.1_to_2.0_upgrade.sql from the CS 2.0 distribution, then cs_2.0_to_2.1Beta1_upgrade.sql, and finally cs_ASPNET2_Membership_Schema_Update.sql because of the migration to .NET 2.0.
  3. Uploading all the files for CS2.1b1. Quite time consuming because I took the chance to clean up my web space.
  4. Fixing my post names. Even more time consuming. I used to give my post descriptive names, which was not well supported by CS in the past. However, they fixed it, but now all URL of my posts are broken. That's because CS now encodes the post name, and all hyphens were converted to _2D00_. So I went through all my posts and fixed their names. (that's the first time I'm glad that I'm not posting so much [;)])
  5. Finally I deleted App_Offline.htm again and reviewed all settings in the control panel.

So everything went pretty well. However, the site is not skinned yet. But I refrain from going to the time and effort of creating a decent design until CS2.1 is released. Instead, I'll invest some of my spare time in some CSModules.