Whidbey is soooo cool...

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... but I have to switch back to .NET 1.1 because of this bug issue:


I've already written about 2k lines, but this issue bars me from doing any UI development Dead Additionally, I don't want to wait another year before releasing this project.

However, while porting back, I've noticed how much Whidbey will easen the developer's life:

  • Anonymous delegates make your source code much clearer.
  • Generics allow you do write more, well, generic code.
  • System.Xml.XmlTextWriter/Reader 2.0 implement IDisposable.

.NET 1.1 is so... yesterday.

Update: I'm missing the System.Windows.Form.WebBrowser control, too.

PDC Retrospection

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Today's the PDC retrospection "Neues aus L.A." organized by newtelligence AG. You don't know newtelligence? Well, you may know Clemens Vasters, writer of dasBlog. He's the CTO of newtelligence.

However, this restrospection is for all those people who couldn't attend this year's PDC. Clemens, Michael Willers, and Jörg Freiberger are going to speak about WinFS, Indigo, Avalon, and ASP.NET 2.0.

Though I attended the PDC myself (including the Blogger BoF), I'll glad to meet both other PDCians and non-PDCians. Of course I'll wear my "I'm blogging this" T-shirt Wink