PDC: The (missing) Goods

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PDC Goods

Today we got The Goods, almost 30GB of geek stuff. It's a box containing 6 DVD's:

  1. Windows Vista Beta 1 (incl. SDK)
  2. Visual Studio 2005 Team System Beta 2
  3. SQL Server 2005 June CTP, Virtual PC 2004, Virtual Server 2005 R2 Beta, Windows Server 2003 R2 RC0
  4. WinFX plus other stuff such as whitepapers
  5. Windows Vista CTP: PDC05
  6. Windows Server Codename "Longhorn" CTP: PDC05

PDC Goods opened

But wait, something missing here. There are only 5 discs in my box, no Longhorn Server. I think I have to object that tomorrow.

Anyway, lots of cool stuff to play aroud with.

Update: I was informed that we'll get the sixth disc tomorrow. Sorry for any inconveniences.

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Let the party start

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The journey was a mess. My flight from Düsseldorf on Saturday was scheduled for 7:15am. Unfortunately, it was cancelled, and the next flight was at 2:05pm, so I had to kill nearly 7 hours at the airport. I arrived in LA at 19:00 local time, more than 28 hours after I get up in Germany. I used Sunday and Monday for some sightseeing, I visited the Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, Venice, and Santa Monica. If someone wants to offer me a job in LA, well, don't hesitate to contact me 😉

Anyway, meanwhile it's Tuesday morning, and I already had my breakfast in the LACC. Thirty minutes left till PDC officially starts with the keynotes of Bill Gates and Jim Allchin...

Adding new pages to CommunityServer administration

Community Server Comments

In an addin I'm writing for CommunityServer I'm using a job. A job in the CommunityServer perspective is a task which is executed periodically. Since I have had some trouble with my job, I needed a way to monitor whether my job is executed properly. Scott Watermasysk has posted a simple ASPX page some time ago to get the status of all jobs configured in CS. Since I'm a lazy guy I integrated this code into the CommunityServer administration interface and additionally added a page for displaying the email queue:

Jobs list Email Queue

You only have to copy the two ASPX files to /admin/system/tools/ and add them to the /admin/Tab.config. Additionally, you have to add the following entries to the end of your resources.xml, right before the closing </root> element.

<resource name="Admin_Jobs_Title">Jobs</resource>

<resource name="Admin_Jobs_SubTitle">Here you will find a list of all configured jobs.</resource>

<resource name="Admin_EmailQueue_Title">Email Queue</resource>

<resource name="Admin_EmailQueue_SubTitle">Here you will find a list of all enqueued emails.</resource>

You can download the ASPX files and the modified Tab.config file here.

Back from vacation

Vacation, Fuerteventura Comments

Two days ago my girl friend and I returned from our vacation on Fuerteventura. Most of the time we were hanging around at the beach or the hotel's pool, but we have rented a Jeep for three days to explore the island. Though Fuerteventura is a relatively deserted island, I love this minimalistic landscape. If you're looking for quiet and recreative vacation, I can really recommend this island.

View from our balcony Jeep 1 Jeep 2 Cofete

I'm now back in Germany for three two days. On Saturday I'll take off to LA to attend the PDC. I'll arrive on Saturday afternoon, so after having a good night's rest I am going use Sunday and Monday to explore LA before the PDC starts on Tuesday.