Finally switched to CommunityServer

Finally, several month after the initial release of CommunityServer I've managed to migrate from dotText. With the help from Kevin Harder's DotText-CS-Converter and Ken Robertson's SiteUrls Generator I was even able to preserve the old site structure.

"Why CommunityServer," you may ask. There more as I ranted about dotText and its progress back in January. Well, I could have stayed with dotText (or subText), but I like the bigger community of CommunityServer with supporters like Dan Bartels, John Pike, et al. I'd like to mention Dave Burke as well, though he seems to have retired from CommunityServer enhancements.

Another reason for switching to CommunityServer is that I've bought a Canon EOS 350D, and maybe I need an online gallery one day for a picture or two.

As you may already have noticed I've designed my own theme. Unfortunately, it's not as close to my own demands as I like to, but I'm a little bit in a hurry. On Tuesday my girl friend and I will be on vacation on Fuerteventura for two weeks, and when I'm back I have three days before I take off again, this time to L.A. Yes, I am going to attend the PDC. I've been there two years ago, and it was awesome.

Well, maybe it wasn't a good idea to switch the blog engine two days before my vacation. But since there wasn't any mentionable content on this site for months, nobody will notice if something goes terrible wrong here.

After the PDC I'll have more time to tinker with the site's design, and maybe I'll even able to contribute some stuff to the CommunityServer community.

Comments disabled, preparing for CS migration

Site news Comments

I've disabled comments, since comment spam gets out of hands. As you see in the header of this site, there are currently 8374 comments counted. However, forget about 8000. These are all spam!

Besides, I'm preparing for a migration to CommunityServer. Currently, I'm struggling with HTML and CSS to get a decent skin. And I hope I'll find a immaculate solution to get rid of the comment spam. So the update of my site is only a question of, er, weeks.

Camera Raw viewer for XP

Software Comments

Microsoft released a new power toy for viewing RAW images (currently Canon and Nikon only supported).

[via Meandering-Blog]

There are two downloads available, a "lite" version which only includes the power toy, and the "full" version which contains the power toy along with the .NET framework 1.1. But I'm wondering about their sizes: the "lite" is about 6.5MB, while "full" is 49MB big. So the included framework takes 49MB - 6.5MB = 42.5MB! That's twice as much as the standalone .NET setup (~23MB IIRC).

Shawn Burke requests feedback: Shipping Windows Forms Source for .NET Framework 2.0

Development Comments

Feedback requested: Shipping Windows Forms Source for .NET Framework 2.0:

I want to deliver Windows Forms source code to you. I've wanted to do it for years and I'm putting together a plan to make it happen. There are a set of issues here, and let me tell you that not everyone here is a big fan of it. But I think I can do it (other teams are trying as well).


My team (not to mention the rest of the Division) is absolutely pegged right now working on delivering VS 2005/FX 2.0), and they will be for some time to come. So I have to make this happen on the cheap. And I'd like your feedback.