Melting Pot PDC

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This morning I meet Tom, a nice guy from North Carolina. We took our breakfast together. Afterwards, while waiting for a taxi in front of the hotel, a Austrian guy joined us, so we shared the cab. The quite extroverted taxi driver is from Israel.

I could't avoid to think of Roy Osherove's posting:

Ali is Iranian, I'm an Israeli. Our countries are enemies. We don't necessarily agree with everything the other one believes in. Yet we talked. I won't repeat the chat because I didn't tell him I'd post about it. But the fact is we talked even through our political issues with each other. Yet another way technology brings us closer together.

Not that I (or Germany) is in any war currently. But I too think that technology breaks many barriers.

Arriving in L.A. Yesterday

PDC '03 Comments

After 12 hours of flying I arrived yesterday in Los Angeles. Though I heared about the current fires around L.A. in German news, I was surprised by the dark and grey sky. I hope they're able to fight it.

Anyway, I was quite tired, since I was awake for about 25 houres. I thought about attending one pre-conference session or two, but finally I preferred to get some sleep.

Moved Permanently

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I just finished the relocation of my site.

I wanted to redirect all request to my old site to the new one. However, though I did know about the HTTP status codes 301 (moved permanently) and 302 (found respectively moved temporarily), I didn't know how to implement that in ASP.NET, since I'm not a web developer. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any hints with Google.

But then I reviewed the .Text sources to see, how Scott has done all the http handlers. From that it was pretty easy to do that. By now, my old server redirect all requests to the new site permanently. On the other hand, on the new server all accesses to the root are directed to the sub-folder blog temporary.

I think I'm going to write a article about it (maybe at CodeProject?), but not before the PDC has finished... Big Smile

How am I going to tackle the PDC?

PDC '03 Comments

Jim Blizzard asks: How are you going to tackle the PDC?

There are so many products and features that we've heard about only through rumors, best guesses, and an occasional leak or two. At the PDC these secrets are going to have the spotlight fully shining on them.


So what do you do?  Do you skim across the top, going to as many different topics so that you have a little understanding of each?  That way, after you get back from the PDC and asks you "what's <insert code name here> all about"? You won't stare back with a confused look on your face.

Or do you pick one topic and attend every session that even smells like it dive deep and drink in everything there is to know about <insert codename here>.

Well, I don't know yet, since I'm torn. On the one hand, I am a GUI developer, so want to know about Longhorn, Avalon and Aero as much as possible. But on the other hand, we are in the design stage of a new software product, so from my employer's point of view the most interesting topic is Indigo.

I think I'll try to catch a little of everything Blushing