[TLS321] Visual C# "Whidbey": IDE Enhancement for the C# Developer

Whidbey, PDC '03 Comments
  • Nice new features in the IDE:
  • Expansion, configurable via XML schema (e.g. automatic getter and setter for properties)
  • Code formatting (customizable)
  • Filter completion list (e.g. the list in catch( contains exception classes only)
  • Browse components (generates read-only source files, e.g. for System.String)
  • Find all references
  • Refactoring (e.g. Rename, Extract method, etc)
  • Watch window in debugger will use .ToString() method

BTW, about 64% of the PDC attendees state their preferred .NET language is C#.

P.S.: Eric Rudder said in today's keynote, that currently 27 languages are supported in .NET...

[CLIL01] The Windows "Longhorn" SDK: Powering the Creation of Next Generation Applications

PDC '03 Comments

Today I got an email from a coworker about the meaning of WinFX: "Is WinFX a new marketing name for .NET"?

No, it isn't. WinFX is the managed API, the SDK of Longhorn. Steven Goulet, the speaker of this session, said: Everything in Longhorn is in the SDK. Or: What's not on the SDK, is not in the OS.

Steven has done some comparison between the .NET framework 1.0 and WinFX:

.NET 1.0 WinFX (PDC build)
Assemblies 39 >100 *
Namespaces 121 438
Types 3889 13595
Implemented members 32523 93217

*Sorry, I cannot read my own hand-writing

  • High Level for Productivity
  • Low Level API for Power and Flexibility

Good news about the documentation:

The documentation is currently about 200.000 pages (Oxford English Dictionary has about 22.000)

Longhorn SDK Vegas: Next Generation Longhorn SDK content delivery and publishing/viewing technology.

There will be no Platform SDK for Longhorn, only WinFX.

The documentation is living, i.e. it will be updated regularly via Internet, the help pages will have kind of a discussion forum attached, so build-in feedback.

[CLI200] "Avalon": Introducing the Next Generation of Windows Presentation Services

PDC '03 Comments

Awesome. Michael Wallent and Pablo Fernicola showed some impressive demos with Avalon. They coded a simple application containing several controls, which you can reposition, resize, and rotate during run-time. Interesting about it is that on of the controls played a WMV movie, glitchless even while rotating the hosting control.

I don't know the specs of the machine they used for the demo. But if you remember Bill Gates' key note saying that in 2006 PC will run at 4-6 GHz, have 1 TB main memory, and have GPU three times more capable than todays, the shown demo is peanuts only.