[CLI200] "Avalon": Introducing the Next Generation of Windows Presentation Services

PDC '03 Comments

Awesome. Michael Wallent and Pablo Fernicola showed some impressive demos with Avalon. They coded a simple application containing several controls, which you can reposition, resize, and rotate during run-time. Interesting about it is that on of the controls played a WMV movie, glitchless even while rotating the hosting control.

I don't know the specs of the machine they used for the demo. But if you remember Bill Gates' key note saying that in 2006 PC will run at 4-6 GHz, have 1 TB main memory, and have GPU three times more capable than todays, the shown demo is peanuts only.

Keynote with Bill Gates and Jim Allchin

PDC '03 Comments

The first time I've seen Bill Gates in real live. He spoke much about the past development of the IT industry and presented the Microsoft's vision for the next few years. Nice to see some self-critism.

Jim Allchin's presentation got more into the bits, with several coding sessions with Don Box and Chris Anderson. They did a good job, and Don even managed to involve Jim as his coding monkey Wink. Anyway, Don and Chris did some simple coding with XAML and Indigo. Quite impressive.

I did some pictures, but unfortunately, I've forgotten my camera's USB cable in my hotel. I'll publish them later.

[TLS347] Introducing MSBuild: The Universal Build Engine for Visual Studio "Whidbey" and "Longhorn"

PDC '03, MSBuild Comments

Several weeks ago I played around with NAnt, since we need a decent build environment for our new software. I've read about MSBuild a.k.a. XBuild before, but no information was available (at least outside Microsoft).

Today I attended the session about MSBuild. It bases on XML files, which are -- suprise, suprise -- similar to the build files of NAnt. As far as I can see they have mainly the same feature set. However, the big advantage of MSBuild compared to NAnt is its integration and support by Whidbey. For NAnt you have to either maintain a .build and a .vcproj files, or use the new solution task, which is still a little bit buggy. For Whidbey, they have (once again sigh) changed the format of the .vcproj file, so it's the single place to edit your project.