Official C# 2.0 Spec Unveiled

Development Comments

Today, the C# team published the most up-to-date specification of the C# language, which includes many improvements over the original proposal unveiled a year ago. [via Wesner Moise]

Exciting. However, I don't have the time to read the spec's before the PDC Sad


Site news Comments

As announced I've managed to move my site from my home system to webhost4life. I have had some trouble importing my SQL database to the host's server, but thanks to the helpdesk staff I finally succeeded.

Now I have to become acquainted with redirections, since all links to my old site ( should be transferred permanently to Additionally, I've renamed the blog from TFr to blog, since it's more convenient Wink

No NDA on PDC bits

PDC '03 Comments

Robert Scoble says:

NDA-centric culture. There are no NDAs at the PDC over the PDC content. Enough said. But, we still are far too NDA-oriented. So, I'll give us a "B" on that score. Improvement still needed.

AFAIK the first time Microsoft gives away early bits without any NDA OMG